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Welcome to Paardenkathedraal!

The Paardenkathedraal is a professional theater company in Utrecht.

The right kind of entertainment

We have all sought for an amazing place where we can experience something new, something magical, something different, something memorable, and something unique only to us. We traveled the world to find this place. We have subscribed to online dating and ematching to find pleasures that we cannot find in our own offices and towns. We have searched for a source of entertainment that will give us the utmost return of love and passion that we want all our lives. We want to alleviate the stress that we feel and the burden that our hearts come down through the right combination of performance and plays.

Because we have searched long and hard for a place that will provide us with the right kind of entertainment, we are now given such a wondrous place- Paardenkathedraal. It is a theater company that is located in Utrecht. It is one of the most iconic landmarks in all of the Netherlands because of the numerous theater plays that are conducted here every year. Locals and tourists go to Paardenkathedraal to see talents shown at their best in plays shown here. You will never go wrong with Paardenkathedraal. Whether you are new to theaters or an avid fan of plays, you are sure to have your money’s worth here.

A brief history

Paardenkathedraal is literally translated in English as Horses Cathedral. For tourists from outside the Netherlands, it can be quite amusing for a theater company to name its building as such. But the locals have embraced the name because of the history behind this awesome structure.

Paardenkathedraal is known as the Horses Cathedral because the building is formerly used as a riding school. This means that the structure houses horses before. Expert teachers rode horses and taught young and old ones how to ride a horse. The locals saw horses come and go to this place. When the building was renovated and partly reconstructed, a theater company bought the place. Instead of a riding school, it is now a place where awesome plays and memorable operas are performed. Because of the rich history of Paardenkathedraal, people felt the charm of the name and continue to adapt it up until today.

Plays and shows

Since 1994, Paardenkathedraal has hosted and conducted numerous plays throughout the years. Local and international talents from around the world have performed on the Paardenkathedraal stage. The grandeur that the structure has offered both to the audience and the actors alike have made Paardenkathedraal a truly iconic theater. And people have continued to book a reservation just to experience and have a glimpse of the plays shown in the theater.

We opened our yearly calendar to you. You can check out the plays that you are interested in and book as early as you can. We do not open booking reservations up until two months prior to the first showing of the play. Make sure to purchase tickets only from verified ticketing booths to ensure that you are getting verified tickets online.

Finding something interesting ?

People who want to develop a second love for theater should register on our site. We are promoting a desire for theaters once again. Plays and theaters are much like dating sites wherein you fall in love over and over again.

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